Shipping Policy

At Blayze Weed, we strive to provide the best experience to all customers on our platform, which includes ensuring that customers know when their orders will be delivered and that they receive their orders on time. Per their Independent Contractor Agreement, Blayze Weed Drivers agree to complete deliveries in a safe and timely fashion.

Blayze Weed Drivers who repeatedly arrive at the merchant or customer significantly after estimated arrival times are eligible for deactivation, as noted in our updated Service Provider Platform Access Policy. At this time, one contract violation for lateness does not constitute grounds for deactivation.

A delivery is considered late when the amount of time taken to travel to the merchant and/or to the customer (e.g., 90 minutes) exceeds the estimated time, taking into account factors outside of your control (e.g., wait time at merchant). It is NOT based on the suggested arrival times in the app (e.g., 1:00PM).